interactive holographic installation:

microcontrollers, custom software, projectors, perspex, speakers, fabric, pvc

This installation was inspired by Kandos’ proximity to the Wollemi National Park, and the clashing of natural and man-made histories in the area.

During an overnight camp at nearby Ganguddy, I heard an unfamiliar cry and discovered a family of Tiger Quolls (Dasyurus maculatus) hunting in the night. Being one of the closest living relatives of the Thylacine, these Apex predators feed on possums, reptiles, wallabies, and have a very short lifespan. After the recent bushfires, many wouldn’t have survived. The state of their population remains unknown.

For now, it remains a ghost in the night; an apparition in the backyards and on the rooftops of Kandos. If you happen to catch a glimpse, count yourself among the lucky few. 

Made for Cementa22 – A Contemporary arts festival in the former Cement mining town of Kandos NSW.